Dr. Thomas A. Biland is a global executive search firm. We are committed to matching highly qualified executives with teams that they complement, and where they will flourish. Our ethical foundation guarantees discretion and transparent consultation with clients and candidates. We never compromise on quality. It is our goal to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.


We pay special attention to the combination of character and chemistry when placing a candidate. The identification of leaders and talent requires a systematic approach as well as the utmost in creativity and dedication. We develop an in-depth analysis of the strengths, particularities, and expectations of you and your company, with the aim of identifying the very best possible candidate. He or she should not only fulfil the professional criteria – but also suit your personality and complement your team. Therefore, we use our intuition as a guide – it is one of our strengths. Our multifaceted experience in industry, our broad international network, and our extensive in-house research resources support us in delivering the best solutions. 


Impartiality and result-oriented openness enable us to help you look at yourself in the mirror. Several years of leadership experience in international management, requiring intense receptivity to individual personalities,is the basis of our guarantee of effective service. Our clients benefit from our wide experience and know-how in assessing the available options for professional reorientation specifically in reference to each individual. We support newly appointed managers in achieving lasting and sustainable success for themselves as well as for their company.


Experience and pragmatism, not buzzwords and theories, are our guiding ideas. Organizational vacancies are often the result of a strategy shift or reorganization process. Comparison of potential individuals and actual position profiles may expose a gap which must be addressed with adequate and appropriate measures. In either case, we offer our qualified services to support the design and development of the organization and its corporate culture within your articulated framework.


Dr. Thomas A. Biland (1959) studied at the University of St. Gall, Switzerland, and graduated in 1985 with an MBA degree (lic. oec. HSG) and received his Ph.D. (Dr. oec. HSG) in 1989. His doctoral thesis, “The Role of the Board of Directors in Strategic Management”, contributed to some of the first corporate governance discussions in Switzerland.

After completion of his studies, Thomas A. Biland acquired financial experience as the CFO of an international Swiss textile company. He then moved into executive search as a consultant. This was followed by a transition into the technology area, where, besides activities in venture capital and business development, he coordinated the management restructuring of a well-known globally operating Swiss conglomerate.

In 1993, Thomas A. Biland was named Managing Director Switzerland of a leading producer of hand-hygiene and washroom products gaining experience in production and service management. In 1998, he joined a worldwide engineering group as a member of the executive board and was made head of the international division of the Facility Management and Service sectors. Later, Thomas A. Biland was in charge of the European, African and Asian divisions, where he had full profit and loss responsibility.

Thereafter, Thomas A. Biland joined as Director at Dr. Bjørn Johansson Associates, Zurich, Switzerland, where he was responsible for transnational direct searches of CEOs, Managing Directors and other Members of the Executive Management Team for top-tier corporations and institutions.

In 2005, he founded his own Executive Search Boutique with a focus on global searches for Members of Executive Management, Managers as well as high-end Specialists.

In addition to his business activities, Thomas A. Biland has been the president of a political party, and member of the parliament in his hometown for several years. He was also the president of the board of the tourism association of his community. Today, he serves on the boards of various other social, cultural and business organizations. Thomas A. Biland speaks and writes German, English, and French.





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Dr. Markus Zanola (1967) studied at the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and graduated with a Master’s Degree (lic.iur.) in 1994. After completion of the required traineeships, he passed the Swiss Bar exam in 1999. In parallel to launching his career in Executive Search, Markus Zanola completed his doctoral thesis and received his Ph.D. (Dr. iur.) in 2005.

As from 2000, Markus Zanola worked for one of the renowned global Executive Search Consultancies, initially focusing on the Private Wealth Management industry as well as the Finance function.

In 2004, he joined a human resources consultancy focusing on international management evaluation, where he was responsible for assessment projects, management audits and assignments covering 360° feedback processes. Assessments at the time included structured, competency based interviews, interactive exercises and psychometric analysis, which were delivered to clients internationally across industries.

In 2005, Markus Zanola rejoined the same global Executive Search Provider he used to work for previously. As from this point in time, he served insurance clients across the spectrum of life, general, reinsurance and brokerage on a regional and global level. Markus Zanola also worked for professional services clients who consulted back into the insurance industry. He executed numerous direct searches across all corporate disciplines including the office of Chief Executive Officer. He also worked within more technical areas including actuarial, underwriting and risk management.

Apart from insurance, Markus Zanola in recent years increasingly advised clients in Global Technology and Services as well as Telecommunications. From an industrial perspective, a reasonable part of his work in this respect focused on advising Global Technology & Telecommunications providers serving the airline industry.

Finally, some of Markus Zanola`s efforts were dedicated to the CEO and Board Practice, where he collaborated with large clients across industries. Topics covered in this respect entailed aspects of direct search as well as wider consulting topics such as board evaluation.

Markus Zanola is fluent in German and English with a good knowledge of French.





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Sabine Biland-Weckherlin graduated from teacher training college near Zurich, Switzerland and received a B.A. Degree in English from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA.

She started her professional career in a leading international gallery of modern art in Zurich where she came into contact with well-known personalities from the art and financial world. In 1986, she transferred to a respected private bank in Zurich, working for eight years as a project manager, mainly in the areas of PR and marketing. Responsible for the organization and running of client events in Switzerland and abroad, she looked after high net worth individuals from the banking and financial industry around the world. In 1999, she joined an internationally active Swiss humanitarian organization in Zurich, working for ten years at a management level in the domain of asylum seekers and foreigners resident in Switzerland.

Sabine Biland-Weckherlin joined Dr. Thomas A. Biland Executive Search in 2009 as a Senior Consultant. With her broad expertise, she not only brings a significant professional and personal network in finance and Swiss society, but also longstanding and invaluable experience with people from varying walks of life. Thanks to these insights, she has developed a fine intuition for the requirements of her counterparts. Having been on the client side herself, she is familiar with the corporate world.

She has profound know-how in the recruitment, selection and follow-up of executives and specialists.

A mother of two children, Sabine Biland-Weckherlin is further active in various charitable organizations. For the last 16 years she has headed the association “China’s Forgotten Orphans” which she founded in 1997 and is significantly involved in a project she initiated in 2003 to promote schooling for disadvantaged girls in Cameroon. She is interested in art, culture and literature as well as business, politics and current affairs and is a passionate traveller and lover of nature.

Sabine Biland-Weckherlin speaks fluent German, English and French and has working knowledge of Italian and Spanish.


Sabine Byland studied business administration at the Pforzheim University Business School in Germany and completed a coaching degree at the Forum for Advanced Training in Basel, Switzerland.

She began her professional career with a multimedia start-up enterprise in Zurich. Alongside managing the commercial side of the business, she was also responsible for driving various creative projects. In the wake of the company’s cooperation with the leading Swiss telecommunication provider, Sabine then played an active role in the development and expansion of information channels for the first Swiss internet provider. Subsequently, she assumed responsibility for the areas of classical music and theatre and built the first internet presence of the “Festspiele Zürich” in cooperation with the opera of Zurich.

Fascinated by the possibilities offered by the internet, Sabine joined a wellknown internet agency in 1998. As a consultant and project leader she was responsible for the conceptual development and implementation of business solutions in e-banking (e.g. Credit Suisse Privat Banking), and led projects in the areas of media and culture (e.g. “Handelszeitung” and the “Herbert von Karajan Foundation” in Vienna). As well as her consultancy and project management activities, Sabine was mandated with the leadership of the Consulting Department of the agency.

In 2008, she joined Dr. Thomas A. Biland Executive Search. She has profound know-how in the recruitment, selection and coaching of executives and specialists. Thanks to her many years of consulting experience, Sabine can rely on a broad network of contacts in various industries. In case of staffing shortage, she is at her clients’ disposal as an internal Recruitment Partner. For her, trust, respect und team spirit are prerequisites for a successful and long-lasting business relationship.

In her spare time, Sabine is an ardent alpinist and outdoor athlete; she fosters her cultural and musical interests, and enjoys discovering foreign countries.

Sabine speaks German, English and French.





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Nadine Kramer has a commercial education from the Home Owner Association Zürich (HEV), which gave her a first insight into the real estate business.

For more than twelve years, Nadine has been working in the field of Marketing and Event Management, of which the past seven years with Tertianum Residenz Zollikerberg where she focused on the premium segment. Responsible for concepts, planning and executing social events, she got in touch with clients and was also supporting the sales team. Before, she was with Open Systems, a company with a special focus on big events, fairs (e.g. ORBIT Basel, Internet Expo Zürich) and VIP events.

Nadine Kramer is part of the Dr. Thomas A. Biland and da professionals ag team as an Office Manager.

In her spare time, Nadine plays the piano, dances ballet and loves cooking for friends.


After her economic studies, Pamela Wolf worked for a financial institution, which allowed her to gain first insights into banking. After that, she was a senior sales assistant for an international broker. During the next five years, she was the personal assistant of the founder and CEO of a renowned and internationally active Executive Search company. It is here she discovered her passion for the people business.

This was followed by maternity leave, and thereafter an engagement as an assistant for a Zurich lawyer, before joining an IT company where she supported the Executive Management, as well as third parties, in all administrative aspects.

As a person who loves interaction with other human beings, Pamela Wolf is happy to return to the Executive Search industry and support Dr. Thomas A. Biland Executive Search and da professionals ag.

Pamela Wolf is an avid movie-goer, enjoys being with friends and likes to travel, especially in the US.

She speaks German, English and French and has basic knowledge of Italian and Swedish.


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Vera Stüssi completed a commercial apprenticeship with a general qualification towards university entrance. For two years on, she worked in a national financial institution, where she appropriated useful work experience.

Since the fall of 2015, she studies business law at the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Science). During her apprenticeship, Ms. Stüssi attended two short language courses in Brighton and Nice.

In order to have a good balance with studying, she works in our office as a part-time assistant. She is looking forward to welcoming you at “da”.

In her free-time, she likes to spend time with friends and do sports – with winter sport her passion.

Vera Stüssi speaks German, English and French.

Jonas Zimmermann grew up in Aargau, and attended the Cantonal High School in Baden. Subsequently, he gained professional experience working for a major insurer in the Learning & Development department, and then earned his Business Diploma. In addition, he worked as a clerk in customer service.

Jonas Zimmermann improved his language skills studying English in both the US and England. He also worked for three months in house reconstruction in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Since Fall 2014, Jonas Zimmermann has been studying at the ZHAW in Winterthur and working with us as a part-time assistant.

In his free time he enjoys sports, meeting friends and has a passion for music.

Jonas Zimmermann speaks German, English and French. He would be happy to welcome you to our office.


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